Our accommodations at the hotel are designed to create a balance between nature and comfort. The spacious bungalow-style bedrooms are simple and basic to provide a real mountain lodge experience.  They are however, very cozy, comfortable and warm to enhance the natural feel of home. The rustic cabins in the rooms are well designed to give that natural nostalgic feel. Our rooms create a perfect environment to rest, relax and let the mind wonder freely.

The cozy rooms get away from modern luxurious amenities like TV and don’t have air conditioners or heaters that may have a direct impact to the natural environment; but you will soon realise they aren’t needed anyway. We use environmentally friendly systems such as energy efficient light bulbs for a natural feel of the environment and outdoor lightning is a home-made system that uses small light bulbs that consume less than 3 watts.

All rooms have a front porch for quiet relaxation, read your favorite book peacefully or take a quiet walk through the butterfly gardens.  Outside the rooms we have carefully preserved gardens with local native plant life, animal life, birds and butterflies that interact directly with the guests.