Who We Are

Our hotel is an ecolodge. We’re all about “GO-GREEN” which means we are environment-friendly and nature-friendly.  In other words, we have  minimal, or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment.  This brings a positive experience to the local people and the touring guests without interfering with the natural habitat of fauna and flora in the region. It helps to safeguard the physical and socio-cultural environment form any destruction as well as not to compromise the quality of satisfaction of the visitors.

We are committed to informing our guests on the importance and value of a healthy natural ecosystem by promoting better ways of interacting and enjoying nature without causing major impact.

In as much as the hotel is a business venture, our management upholds high degree of social responsibility.  We are actively involved in community efforts to preserve the environment because we are serious about the responsible use of natural resources and conservation of natural habitats.

Responsible use of resources

Our hotel has been a pioneer in “Go Green” efforts, implementing measures that will help in conserving energy, water and reduce or reuse solid wastes.

The responsible use of resources is highly encouraged within our establishment without compromising on the guests comfort.  We kindly ask our esteemed customers to join hands with us to protect the environment and help us reduce our carbon footprint by using resources responsibly. A clean, safe environment will benefit the human race in many ways, and we want that for the future generations together we can achieve this, thank you.

Cloud Forest Lodge does not use any chemical products; we instead use organic products like biodegradable detergents that do not have a negative result on the environment. The hotel also has a waste center that is used to recycle solid waste like plastics, tin cans, paper waste, and glass and others that will favor the environment and help in the fight against climate change.

Customer Service

Delivering the most friendly hospitality services is our promise to you; a promise we have been able to maintain consistently over the years. But come to think of it, behind that well packaged service is a team of excellent people who put their best foot everyday to ensure everything works out perfectly. From the staff on the front desk, waiters to the staff who takes care of the property all the way to the management; every employee in our hotel is friendly, approachable, empathetic and always willing to extend a helping hand. In case you need anything kindly seek assistance from anyone in our staff. They will give you their personal attention and will make sure you issue is sorted out.

That we have the most excellent customer service in town is a fact supported by excellent reviews from customers who never fail to compliment our friendly staff in addition to the delicious dishes, clean and comfortable rooms that we offer.  Check out our reviews on Trip Advisor to know more about us.