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El Trapiche: Coffee, Chocolate & Sugar Cane

Coffee, chocolate, and sugarcane have been three of Costa Rica’s most important exports for generations. Despite technological advances, their cultivation and uses haven’t changed significantly. During this fun and interactive tour, participants will walk through the El Trapiche family farm and learn how these important crops are grown and processed, including tips for making the final products especially tasty. The tour culminates with participants being invited to make their own artisanal sugarcane candy, followed by tasting delicious traditional fare made on the farm, such as arracache root picadillo with homemade tortillas, hot farm-grown coffee, lemonade, and Aguadulce.

El Trapiche Tour, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Duration: 2 hours

Available Times: Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am & 3:00 pm/Sunday’s only: 3:00 pm

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